About GoGrou

About us

Gogrou is a shared digital platform where which we grow together.
This statement is much more than an alluring marketing slogan. The people who have invested their
efforts, skills, and hard work into the Gogrou project possess a vast amount of experience from being in
various roles on both sides of the imaginary business fence. They are the owners of manufacturing and
contracting firms, executives of large corporations, sales or logistics managers, professionals who are in
daily contact with customers. Continue reading


Gogrou’s vision is to assist companies from all parts of Europe on a daily basis, to allow its members to find
new markets and new business opportunities, and to be a safe and sought-after intermediary in business
transactions and industrial digitization. Continue reading


Our efforts are aimed at the future. We now live in a time when digitization is advancing in all sectors. We
believe that the Gogrou shared digital platform has an immense potential. Continue reading